Conservative Party Election Manifesto 2019


The iTeam at have presented a neat summary of Boris Johnson’s general election promises for 2019.


To cut through the haze of what politicians say they are going to do to help readers and ultimately voters comprehend what is going on.


Here’s a summary of the summary. The news article as a paragraph of explanation under each of these headings.

Extra NHS funding
40 more hospitals
NHS Visa
50,000 more nurses
6,000 more GPs
£1bn extra yearly for social care

Process and transition
Trade with the world
Farming and fishing
Trade with the EU
EU standards

Greenhouse gas emissions
Climate change

Personal taxation
Capital investment
Business taxes
Borrowing and debt

Heathrow expansion
Flood defences

Democracy and the regions
Northern Ireland
Constitutional reform
The North

School Funding
More free schools
University funding
Arts premium
Ofsted inspections
National skills fund



In some countries around the world, it is usual practice for politicians running for election to declare their manifesto of their intentions if they are voted into office.

We don’t do this in Australia (at least, it’s not called a manifesto) and the UK they do.

I really like the idea of this. It’s upfront, public and ideally as potential voters we have a public record what is being promised. It’s all about being open and transparent.

The big challenge with this is that running a country is a complex thing and there are lots of issues to be covered. And not all of as the general public are able to decipher what is being pledged and whether this is a real or even realistic opportunity.

This manifesto is the summary of what was said by the Conservative Party for the 2019 UK general election. I think it’s a great article by iNews.

I like the neat summary and I even more I like the personal comment rating the chance that this pledge is likely to be kept.


Green Party of Ontario – Five Point Manifesto

The Euston Manifesto – ‘for a renewal of Progressive Politics’

The October Manifesto – a precursor to the first ever Russian Constitution

Manifestos for Publicity Officer

Manifestos For Publicity Officer

Creator: Amyrose Dempsey and Csilla Merenyi, candidates for Publicity Officer at the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union Film and Photo Society

Purpose: An election manifesto declaring why one should vote for me!

Manifestos for Publicity Officer

Amyrose Dempsey and Csilla Merenyi are running for Publicity Officer.

Amyrose Dempsey’s manifesto:

My name is Amyrose Dempsey and i am a second year fine art student, and i belong to many societies including this one. I would like to put myself forward for publicity officer because i am very interested in publicity, and i love this society so it goes hand in hand really.

I feel that i would do a great job and i would have so much fun doing it. I would like to do many things to promote the society. I would like to promote via Pugwash, with small inserts about the society and what we get upto, also i would like to arrange an exhibition so that we can show portsmouth what we can do!!

This year i was Head of Design for Pugwash magazine, publicity officer for Pagan society and vice president of MIG soc. Whilst publicity officer of Pagan society, i liased with all of the other faith societies and helped arrange the faith mixer, along with integrating meetings with them all. Holding these positions helped me make friends, and also helped me step outside the box, it was a new experience that i enjoyed and i would like to enjoy again.

I think you should vote for me because i would do a great job, i love to get involved and i would love for you guys to give me a chance.


Csilla Merenyi’s manifesto:

I’m a Psychology student at the University of Portsmouth and I’m very keen on amateur photography.

My wish is to become a Publicity Officer at the university’s PhotoSoc as I really have enjoyed my first year being a part of this group and I wouldn’t want the society to stop running. I have many ideas how our society could be advertised and I also know why people would be interested in joining us – photography helps you not only to capture your best moments but also to learn more about technology or even art. Many people are lurking around university focusing only on their studies or being lost as a fresher and I would love to reach out to them offering this creative way to make new friends.

As a ’psychologist’ I would definitely bring my knowledge of connecting people to the society. I love spotting the ‘outcasts’ and engaging in conversations with them so they would feel more confident to join group activities.

I haven’t got any experience in advertising but I have been fortunate enough to be on Hungarian television twice as a child. My most recent job was to work as a cashier during the summer of 2009 which was a result of being a waitress at the same tea house during the summer of 2008 in Hungary. In 2007, I worked as a marketing assisstant during the summer holiday, which helped me to develop cooperational skills and let experience life in a real office environment.

People should vote for me because I tend to be very creative and passionate when I feel that someone is counting on me; when I feel I have the power to change things for the better. I think communication is a key to any kind of progress in life and I enjoy every kinds of it from a casual chat with mates to sending a message through a metaphor in literature or art. I think advertising the Film and Photo Society would be the greatest way to connect like-minded people.



British National Party: Scottish Election Manifesto

British National Party Scottish Election Manifesto

Creator: British National Party’s Scottish Election Manifesto.

Purpose: Outline of their policies and positions for the upcoming 2011 election.

Scottish Election Manifesto – Selected Examples

Civil Rights: work to end restrictions on free speech and vigorously defend the right to freedom of assembly. Will work to restore the integrity of government organisations in their handling and security of personal details and the data of individuals.

Housing: Take back under direct democratic control any public sector housing that has been disposed to housing corporations or housing associations.

Health: Ensure that the health service is controlled by the local authorities and run on a day-to-day basis by experienced medical staff rather than by target-obsessed managers.

Education: Advocates a degree of local influence over local education policy.

Crime and Policing: Opposes the installation of CCTV cameras in our communities and all aspects of the surveillance state.

Business: Wants to ensure the survival of the traditional trades and crafts that have been passed down through the centuries. The rural/urban divide in access to the latest technology must be bridged.

Transport: Recognise the need to deal with the fast-growing challenge of global oil depletion, by a long-term programme to improve the reach, frequency and attractiveness of public transport.

Foods and Farming: Create an Organic Foods Advisory body to accelerate the switch to organic methods of food production.


Article and Full Manifesto: