Nick Legan: The Cycling Mechanics Manifesto

Cycle Sports Manifesto

Creator: Nick Legan, Pro Cycle Teams Mechanic.

Purpose: For those of you aspiring to join the pro ranks as a bicycle mechanic…

The Cycling Mechanic’s Manifesto

• Focus on the things you can control and do them well. For the rest, go with the flow.
• Pay attention and learn to listen. You’ll earn respect and improve more quickly.
• Work hard, really hard. But make sure to have some fun.
• Pack light.
• Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about the bike racers.
• There isn’t much room ego among staff members (nor is it helpful).
• Above all else look out for your riders’ safety and your sponsors.



Thanks to Tony Fahkry for submitting this manifesto!

Cycle Sports Magazine: Challenge to Team Owners

Cycle Sports Manifesto

Creator: Lionel Birnie, Cycle Sports Magazine

Purpose: A response to Jonathan Vaughter’s 10 point plan to reinvigorate cycling: 11 things the cycling teams could do to create a better deal for all those interested in pro road racing.


Cycle Sport’s Manifesto: A Challenge to the team owners

1. Talk to major broadcasters and mainstream media in all the key markets.

2. Ask cycling’s existing fans what they like and dislike about the sport as it currently is and what they would do to broaden its appeal.

3. Approach fans of other sports and ask them what they think of cycling. Listen carefully to them – they’re potential fans.

4. Stop appearing so self-interested.

5 Get your own houses in order.

6 Respect above all the race organisers.

7. Instruct an independent auditor to conduct a report on the use of race radios.

8. Engage with the fans more.

9. Help and encourage organisers to market their events more effectively.

10. Set up rider development schemes in other parts of the world.

11. Put together a clear, cohesive and direct manifesto document – A blueprint for the future of cycling – setting out your vision.



Cycle Sports Manifesto: Vaughters 10 Point Plan

Cycle Sports Manifesto

Creator: Jonathan Vaughters, President of the Association of Pro Tour and Pro Continental Cycling Teams

Purpose: Revamp Cycling, make it more successful and put it on a par with other major sports like Premier Football.


Vaughters 10 Point Plan

1. More races of the highest level outside of Europe.

2. Consistent, understandable formats for cycling fans.

3. Long-term guaranteed entry to the Tour de France for professional teams.

4. More focus on prevention of doping, in the first place, as opposed to catching cheats.

5. More team-time trials more often.

6. Technical innovation, such as cameras on bikes, inside cars, helmets, inside team buses to make the “craziness and danger of the peloton more real to the viewer”.

7. Equipment innovation to see if the the smartest team wins sometimes, rather than the strongest.

8. Open radios to the public and listen to your favourite team and what they are doing.

9. GPS tracking of individual riders to make races fun to watch.

10. Have an understandable and consistent way of determining the best rider in the world and the best team in the world. That might mean riders have to ride Paris-Roubaix, and if they do not finish they would be docked points.