The aim of the Manifesto Project is to create a freely available resource of 1000 manifestos.
And, why are we doing that? To inspire people to stand up, make change happen and create a world that works.

About Submitting a Manifesto

To submit a manifesto, fill in the Contact form.

Your manifesto can be submitted as words or as an image.
Manifestos of more than 300 words will be edited.
Images must be less than 200kb in file size. And, a maximum of 630 pixels in width. We may edit your image for screen size and file size only. Rather than send us the file a link to where it can be found online would be better.

We want a world that works for everyone. Therefore we won’t be posting manifestos that:
•    Are selling something directly.
•    Promotes violence, hatred, discrimination or the like.
•    Promotes illegal activities.

When submitting you will need to provide
•    Your name
•    Working contact email
•    Permission to post the material you have submitted.
•    The name of the person(s) who created the manifesto.
•    The year it was created.
•    And, the purpose or context in which it was created in a maximum of 50 words. For example, ‘The Manifesto Manifesto was created to provide a clear set of principles for creating manifestos’.

Submitting a manifesto does not guarantee it will be posted.

About Geoff

The Manifesto Project was created by Geoff McDonald. His mission is to help entrepreneurs complete career defining and life changing project so they can make money, make a difference and live their ultimate life.
•    Blogs over at GeoffMcDonald.com
•    Runs Project Done to help entrepreneurs
•    Writes book summaries at BookRapper.com
•    Tweets as @IdeasArchitect and @1000Manifestos and
•    Lives in Melbourne, Australia – if he’s not wandering the planet…


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