Robbin Phillips: Personal Manifesto

Robbin Phillips: Personal Manifesto

Creator: Robbin Phillips is the founder and president of Brains On Fire, we “help organisations build movements.” She is also an evangelist of all things simple.

Purpose: As a statement of intention and to make that intention public.

Personal Manifesto

Wake up every morning with a grateful heart.

Laugh hard and often.

See the lightness in both work and play.

Keep your body strong.

Be a role model for others, especially your family.

Eat real food.

Practice kindness.

Forgive even when it seems impossible.

Live a simple life.

Give away more than you consume.

See the world with the eyes of a child.

Try something that scares you every day.

Listen more than you speak.



Blog post on – 16 September 2011

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Craig Robertson: I Believe – My Personal Foundation

Craig Robertson: I Believe Personal Manifesto

Creator: Craig Robertson is a Motivator,  a Motivational Speaker and Coach trained in Sports Psychology based in Auckland.  His passion is helping people find their passion and true heart based motivation to perform ‘in the zone’ in business and sport.

Purpose: Because it’s time to stand up and stand out!

My Manifesto

I believe every human has a unique make-up and unique talents, hence if we are aware of our true purpose, awake in the moment and follow our heart, great wisdom and a natural flow will occur in business and life.

I beleive when on purpose and in the present moment, a more intuitive balanced flow of success produces wonderful synchronicity and great satisfaction in life.

I believe true happiness in life results from emotional self-understanding to be authentic in expression which is the real source of inner freedom and self-belief.

I believe things happen for a reason, nothing is an accident, hence any obstacle is education if we are awake in the moment. Allowing ourself to see the learning, free from auto-judgment to live in the moment, to trust and feel free to manifest our true desires.

I believe the new consciousness is an auto flow, to achieve without strain and pushing, to stay relaxed is a choice if we achieve from a place of clarity in our personal foundation unleashing a natural passionate flow of intuitive success.



Blog post on – 12 May 2011

Diego Villaveces: Personal Manifesto

Diego - Personal Manifesto

Creator: Diego ‘The Crazy Columbian’ Villaveces.

Purpose: A collection of core values, thoughts and aspirations to get the life that you deserve.


Personal Manifesto: A Walk Along My Garden’s Path

1 I seek balance

2 I yearn for connection

3 I settle for excellence

4 I aim to serve

5 I’ll be there for you

6 Kindness is my currency

7 I support growth


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