British National Party: Scottish Election Manifesto

British National Party Scottish Election Manifesto

Creator: British National Party’s Scottish Election Manifesto.

Purpose: Outline of their policies and positions for the upcoming 2011 election.

Scottish Election Manifesto – Selected Examples

Civil Rights: work to end restrictions on free speech and vigorously defend the right to freedom of assembly. Will work to restore the integrity of government organisations in their handling and security of personal details and the data of individuals.

Housing: Take back under direct democratic control any public sector housing that has been disposed to housing corporations or housing associations.

Health: Ensure that the health service is controlled by the local authorities and run on a day-to-day basis by experienced medical staff rather than by target-obsessed managers.

Education: Advocates a degree of local influence over local education policy.

Crime and Policing: Opposes the installation of CCTV cameras in our communities and all aspects of the surveillance state.

Business: Wants to ensure the survival of the traditional trades and crafts that have been passed down through the centuries. The rural/urban divide in access to the latest technology must be bridged.

Transport: Recognise the need to deal with the fast-growing challenge of global oil depletion, by a long-term programme to improve the reach, frequency and attractiveness of public transport.

Foods and Farming: Create an Organic Foods Advisory body to accelerate the switch to organic methods of food production.


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