MCA Creative Learning Manifesto


The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) is Australia’s leading museum dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and interpreting the work of today’s artists.

“We celebrate the work of living artists, bringing exceptional exhibitions of international and Australian art to as many people as possible – welcoming over a million visitors each year – in the belief that art is for everyone.”


Context Statement

Contemporary art matters. It stimulates the imagination, creatively engages our senses and has the power to transform lives.


Our vision is to make contemporary art and ideas widely accessible to a range of audiences through the presentation of a diverse program of exhibitions and special events, both onsite and offsite. From major thematic exhibitions and solo surveys of established artists, to new work by emerging artists, touring exhibitions and community-led projects through C3West, we strive to cover the range and diversity of contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)


Our creative learning manifesto is a set of values and concepts that guide the development and delivery of all learning programs that we offer.

Art is for everyone
Art does not discriminate. Art reaches beyond age, ability, experience, education, gender, culture and language.

Artists at the heart
Artists are experts in their field. When it comes to imagination, risk-taking, skills and ideas, an artist’s practice makes a remarkable model for creative learning.

Look and think in new ways
Artists invite us to be creative and critical thinkers, to understand art, ourselves and our world in exciting new ways.

Colour outside the lines
Contemporary art gives us an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone, to rethink the rules, take risks and imagine the impossible.

Play with process over product
Art-making is a space for playing and experimenting with materials, techniques, ideas and possibilities. The process itself can be more engaging than the final outcome.

Bring your own story, take fresh meaning
Everyone brings their own story to art, making connections to their own life experience.



I’ve called it a ‘Context Statement’ and it’s a reason the MCA exists: Contemporary art matters’.

I believe all businesses should have this.

Why do we matter? We matter because Contemporary art matters.

It also says, given ‘contemporary art matters’ we then need this… Which in this case is what MCA provides: ‘Contemporary art matters’ therefore we need to ‘make it widely accessible’.

I also like the language of their values statement: colour and play are two strong evocative words that fit the palette of educating people about art.

Word choice is like spices in cooking. They can turn a dreary dish into a taste explosion.

Choose your manifesto words wisely because they have meaning and add flavour.


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Jurgen Wolff: The Creativity Success Manifesto

Creativity Success Manifesto

Creator: Jurgen Wolff is a writer, teacher, and hypnotherapist. His goal is to help individuals liberate their own creativity through specific techniques that can be used at work as well as at home.

Purpose: To give your creative endeavours the best chance of success.

The Creativity Success Manifesto (Edited)

1: Success is what you say it is.

2: Success can take one year or one hundred years.

3: Fewer than 1% of people have to buy what you do.

4: Start by finding one person who likes what you do.

5: Crazy is the first step. Every breakthrough is considered a crackpot idea at first. Of course, some ARE crackpot ideas. You can’t tell the difference until you transform the idea into something real and get it out into the world.

6: Ready, fire, aim: It will never be the exactly the right time and you may never have ALL the resources you need. Get a prototype out there, see what happens, adjust, and persist.

7: The second best time to start: The best time to start doing your creative work is twenty years ago. Look at the clock. What time is it? That’s right, it’s the second-best time to start.

8: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try, try again. At least don’t try the same damn thing again and again. …If at first you don’t succeed, try something different. Continue until you find the one that works.

9: Failing feels crappy. Motivational speakers make it sound like failing is noble. Maybe it is, but it sure doesn’t FEEL noble. …Yeah, we have to deal with disappointing results and rejection, but we won’t like it.

10: The only way to actually fail: You can fail only if you stop.



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