Ainslie Hunter: Courses That Matter

Ainslie Hunter: Courses That Matter

Creator: Ainslie Hunter
Purpose: Start an online Education Revolution – to improve membership sites, and the calibre of teaching within those courses.


Courses That Matter: Teach people, not topics

Teaching matters so turn up.
Reach out. Communicate. Transform.
Value contributions. Plant seeds.
Online communities are living beings.
Feed them your best: best knowledge, best ideas, best of you.
Support members to construct their own knowledge, solutions to their own problems.
Design a safe space with shared interest and connections.
Real learning is driven by students, nurtured by teachers.
Learners are hungry. Learning is messy. Make it matter!
Provide more doing, less reading.
Be personal.
Content that explodes onto screens.
Experiences that stick and spread.
Provide social and personal opportunities.
Be open to transformation.
Be ready for personal connections.
Take time to learn yourself.
Your learners will become teachers to new learners.
Encourage this ripple effect.
It can all be achieve online.



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