The Russell – Einstein Manifesto

Russell - Einstein Manifesto

Creator: Bertand Russell and Albert Einstein, issued in London, 9 July 1955.
Purpose: End the use of nuclear weapons as our best chance of peace in the world.

Manifesto – Extract

In the tragic situation which confronts humanity, we feel that scientists should assemble in conference to appraise the perils that have arisen as a result of the development of weapons of mass destruction, and to discuss a resolution in the spirit of the appended draft.

We are speaking on this occasion, not as members of this or that nation, continent, or creed, but as human beings, members of the species Man, whose continued existence is in doubt. The world is full of conflicts; and, overshadowing all minor conflicts, the titanic struggle between Communism and anti-Communism.
Almost everybody who is politically conscious has strong feelings about one or more of these issues; but we want you, if you can, to set aside such feelings and consider yourselves only as members of a biological species which has had a remarkable history, and whose disappearance none of us can desire.

…We have to learn to think in a new way. We have to learn to ask ourselves, not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such steps; the question we have to ask ourselves is: what steps can be taken to prevent a military contest of which the issue must be disastrous to all parties?
The general public, and even many men in positions of authority, have not realized what would be involved in a war with nuclear bombs.

…Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war? People will not face this alternative because it is so difficult to abolish war.

…There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.


We invite this Congress, and through it the scientists of the world and the general public, to subscribe to the following resolution:
“In view of the fact that in any future world war nuclear weapons will certainly be employed, and that such weapons threaten the continued existence of mankind, we urge the governments of the world to realize, and to acknowledge publicly, that their purpose cannot be furthered by a world war, and we urge them, consequently, to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them.”


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2 thoughts on “The Russell – Einstein Manifesto”

  1. My in laws were talking about what it was like being young in the 60’s and how much of their hippy living came from the omnipresent shadow of the cold war, never quite knowing if you were going to end up in a plume of mushroom cloud. nnContext driving behavior. nnToday with the reactors over heating in Japan I feel urges to cease the day, to love fiercely, to absorb my children onto my physical retina, to never let whats most important go, nbecause, nbecause, nbecause nwe just don’t know whats around that bend. nnBe present. Be, Move, Love, Scream, Feel, Create Now. nnThere must be a better way to create heat.

    1. Great Helen! The Context does drive behaviour and that is the point of creating a manifesto. It creates a new context to operate with or probably more accurately, a new context that calls us forward.nIs that a manifesto emerging… Be present. Be, Move, Love, Scream, Feel, Create Now!

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