Cole and Allen: Manifesto for the Conscious Woman

Manifesto For Conscious Woman

Creator: John Vernet Cole and Mary Allen

Purpose: In response to and to “balance out the story” of the Manifesto for the Conscious Man

Manifesto for the Conscious Woman (Selected Highlights)

As a woman to men:

• I respect and honor you for providing strength, stability and protection for our well-being, generation after generation.

• I respect and honor your intelligence, leadership and willingness to provide.

• My sisters and I deeply appreciate your unique gifts.

• I honor you for providing for my children, taking responsibility, even when they were not your own.

• I honor you for providing for women before you provide for yourself. I

• I honor you for remaining steadfast through my often irrational and emotional storms.

• I honor you for being a gentleman.

• I honor you for giving me the freedom to make my own choices about what I do with my body.

• I apologize for gladly taking a seat in the lifeboat while thousands of men went to an icewater grave that April night.

• I apologize for making an issue out of the rare practice of female genital mutilation, while remaining silent regarding the common practice of circumcision.

• I honor you for giving me a voice in shaping society through the right to vote.

• I honor you for your risk-taking, pushing boundaries and competitive nature, so essential for progress.

• I honor you for creating millions of jobs through enterprise, ingenuity and hard work.

• I respect and honor all the soldiers, police and firemen who have sacrificed their lives to keep me, and my family, free and safe.

• I acknowledge that boys and girls have different learning styles and we have radically shifted education to support girls.

• I honor you for wanting to fully develop your mind so you can maximize your contribution to humanity.

• I appreciate men for creating room for me in higher education.

• I apologize to American industry for eroding the talent pool it desperately needs.

• I honor and respect men for providing the safety net that I know is always there should I need it.

• I honor you for creating a legal system that protects my rights.

• I honor you for the long-standing practice of taking my word over one of your brothers, while protecting me, and my anonymity.

• I appreciate you for taking on the “honey-do’s” while still putting in long days at work.

• I honor your stamina and drive to provide for our family and me.

• I honor you for creating so many means to spread information and entertainment around the world.

• I honor your strength and athletic ability.

• I honor you for the world’s greatest religions, which have provided me hope, meaning and a guiding philosophy in life.

• I appreciate the great gift men gave to women – civilization.

• I honor you for your fighting spirit and recognize how essential it was to our survival as a species.

• I appreciate the grandeur of what has been wrought by men.

• I honor you for giving me my reproductive rights.

• I honor you for your integrity and unwavering sense of responsibility.

• I honor you for creating a system of justice that makes the world a safer place.

• I honor you for your commitment and respect for the environment.

• I honor your commitment to the institution of marriage, even when it means sacrificing.

• I promise that when I see men dominating at the top I will also look down, where I will see men concentrated at the bottom.

• I promise to remember that one cannot rise to great heights without sinking occasionally to great depths.

• I promise not to confuse honoring women with denigrating men.



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