Ardagh and Hendricks: The Manifesto for Conscious Man

Manifesto For Conscious Man

Creator: Arjuna Ardagh and Gay Hendricks Ph.D

Purpose: “To give voice to the emerging conscious man: who is willing to fully honor and to be honored by the awakening feminine.” (Facebook Page)

The Manifesto for Conscious Man (Selected Highlights)

Dear Woman:

I come to you today as a man committed to becoming more conscious in every way.

As I become more conscious, I grow more aware of the play of masculine and feminine energies: within me, within you and in all of life.

I commit to owning and stewarding a masculinity that honors and celebrates us as equals.

As men, our relationship to the feminine has often been unconscious.

I may not have done these things myself, but I am aware of the forces in the unconscious masculine psyche that feel threatened by and then seek to dominate the feminine.

I acknowledge that the religions of the past several thousand years have been mainly founded by and propagated by men.

I honor your deep connection to the earth.

I honor your intuition and your profound capacity for feeling.

I honor the beauty and integrity of your body.

I honor your capacity for peaceful resolution of conflicts, your ability to apologize effectively and forgive with grace.

I honor your capacity to listen to your body and its needs for food, rest and playtime.

I honor your sense of compassionate justice.

I also know that global economics have been dominated by the unconscious masculine, often living in a sense of lack and greed.

In apologizing to you for the hurts we men have caused you, I acknowledge that I and many of my brothers have also felt hurt by our mothers, our sisters, our partners and ex-partners.

From this day, moving forward, I vow to treat your heart as the sacred temple it is, and I commit to honoring the feminine in you and me and in my relationship to all life. ??Together, we can make miracles.



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