Patterson Stark: The 100 and Sexy Manifesto

Patterson Stark: Live Now, Die Later

Creator: Patterson Stark, health practitioner and author of “Live Now, Die Later”

Purpose: Seven simple things that you can do to promote longevity, health and happiness. Plus live to 100 years of age and still be sexy.

The 100 and Sexy Manifesto

1.  Focus on good health! – Know what it take to make the grade and review this often.

2.  Great Relationships are the best medicine! – Do you belong in your tribe?  Have a reason to get up each day and help someone else – it’s strong medicine!

3.  Food is life! – Every 3 hours eat it right, fresh, wholesome – no crap .

4.  Exercise can kill you! – If you don’t get your hour per day and love what you’re doing and who you’re with.

5  Water is the the fountain of life! – Most of us are dehydrated. Water can stop heart attacks, dementia and strokes!

6.  Have a medical plan of prevention! – Not an intervention plan.

7.  Personal time, quiet time! – Reflection and gratitude are the virtual elixir of longevity.



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