Mike Mills: Human’s Manifesto

Mike Mills Human Manifesto

Creator: Designer, Mike Mills

Purpose: A collection of four Humans Manifestos

Humans Manifesto

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Sometimes being dumb is the only smart alternative.

Shy people are secretly egoists.

Nothing is real.

Everything you see is a dream you project onto the world.

Children live out their parents unconscious.

The only animals that suffer from anxiety are the ones that associate with humans.

I don’t trust people who are very articulate.

The only way to be sane is to embrace your insanity.

When you feel guilty about being sad, remember Walt Disney was a manic depressive.

Everything I said, could be totally wrong.


Website: http://www.humans.jp/01/

Shawna Malvini Redden, Wedding Manifesto

Wedding Manifesto

Creator: Shawna Malvini Redden, Wedding Manifesto, aka the guide to anti-bridezilla-ness

Purpose: Create a reference for planning and designing the ideal wedding.

Shawna’s Wedding Manifesto

1. It is “our” wedding. Not “my” wedding (Shawna) or “your” wedding (Tim).

2. The purpose of our wedding is to celebrate our relationship with family and friends, and to kick off our new life together. It is NOT:

  • To spend a ton of money on ONE day or many trivial details.
  • To impress people.
  • To make anyone else’s dreams come true.

3. The most important parts of our wedding should be:

  • Celebrating our relationship and commitment to each other in front of God and everyone!
  • Making memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Having a damn fun time doing i. and ii.

4. The things I care most about in terms of the actual wedding are:

  • A meaningful location that doesn’t cost a lot
  • Having the people I care about there
  • EXCELLENT photogs
  • Damn good food
  • Everyone having a good time

5. The things I care about less include:

  • A freaking expensive dress
  • Music
  • A full dinner that would preclude inviting everyone I love and care about
  • Decorations, etc.
  • Cake

6. We will NOT:

  • Overextend ourselves financially to pay for the wedding
  • Compromise our relationship or our values to satisfy the desires of others
  • Let family strife, if any, interfere with our big day

7. I will NOT:

  • Talk about weddings non-stop until T’s head pops off
  • Get so stressed out that our relationship is adversely affected

8. We will:

  • Feel special (Shawna)
  • Feel proud (T)

9. Things I do not want to see at the wedding (a slight bridezilla deviation):

  • Tulle
  • Any form of bunting
  • Fake flowers


Blog Post: http://thebluestmuse.blogspot.com/2009/10/shawnas-wedding-manifesto-aka-guide-to.html

Blog: http://thebluestmuse.blogspot.com


The Yoga Liberation Yoga Manifesto

Yoga Manifesto

Creator: Yoga Dawg

Purpose: Liberate Yoga!

Yoga Manifesto

Yoga is not the privilege of the young, the flexible, the rich, the famous, the beautiful.

Yoga is not a business! It is not a hobby!

Yoga is cheap and available to everyone. It is renewable, biodegradable, energy efficient, smoke free and clean.

It is NOT found in any yoga style. It does not belong to famous yoga stars!

Yoga is like food! In that is it pre-digested, fat free, sugar free and free range.

Yoga is not an escape, a destination, a means to an end or a dead end.

It is not found in ancient yoga texts or modern yoga pop magazines or yoga blogs!

Yoga is color in a black and white world.

Yoga cannot be televised, pre-recorded, idolised, steam cleaned, streamed, ripped, burned, scanned or found in a chat room.

Yoga is like the air. It is light and breezy: non-polluted and pollen free.

Yoga sings the body electric and shouts hallelujah.


Blog Post: http://yogadawg.blogspot.com/2008/10/ylf-yoga-manifesto.html

Leo Babauta: Simple Living Manifesto

Leo Babauta Simple Living ManifestoCreator: Leo Babauta, author of the popular blog Zen Habits and the book The Power of Less

Purpose: Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.

Simple Living Manifesto

The Short List

For the cynics who say that the list below is too long, there are really only two steps to simplifying:

1. Identify what’s most important to you.

2. Eliminate everything else.

Of course, that’s not terribly useful unless you can see how to apply that to different areas of your life, so I present to you the Long List.

The Long List

There can be no step-by-step guide to simplifying your life, but I’ve compiled an incomplete list of ideas that should help anyone trying to find the simple life. Not every tip will work for you — choose the ones that appeal and apply to your life.

1. Make a list of your top 4-5 important things.

2. Evaluate your commitments.

3. Evaluate your time.

4. Simplify work tasks.

5. Simplify home tasks.

6. Learn to say no.

7. Limit your communications.

8. Limit your media consumption.

9. Purge your stuff.

10. Get rid of the big items.

11. Edit your rooms.

12. Edit closets and drawers.

13. Simplify your wardrobe.

14. Simplify your computing life.

15. Declutter your digital packrattery.

16. Create a simplicity statement.

17. Limit your buying habits.

18. Free up time.

19. Do what you love.

20. Spend time with people you love.

21. Spend time alone.

22. Eat slowly.

23. Drive slowly.

24. Be present.

25. Streamline your life.

26. Create a simple mail & paperwork system.

27. Create a simple system for house work.

28. Clear your desk.

29. Establish routines.

30. Keep your email inbox empty.

31. Learn to live frugally.

32. Make your house minimalist.

33. Find other ways to be minimalist.

34. Consider a smaller home.

35. Consider a smaller car.

36. Learn what “enough” is.

37. Create a simple weekly dinner menu.

38. Eat healthy.

39. Exercise.

40. Declutter before organizing.

41. Have a place for everything.

42. Find inner simplicity.

43. Learn to decompress from stress.

44. Try living without a car.

45. Find a creative outlet for self-expression.

46. Simplify your goals.

47. Single-task.

48. Simplify your filing system.

49. Develop equanimity.

50. Reduce your consumption of advertising.

51. Live life more deliberately.

52. Make a Most Important Tasks (MITs) list each day.

53. Create morning and evening routines.

54. Create a morning writing ritual.

55. Learn to do nothing.

56. Read Walden, by Thoreau.

57. Go for quality, not quantity.

58. Read Simplify Your Life, by Elaine St. James.

59. Fill your day with simple pleasures.

60. Simplify your RSS feeds.

61. But subscribe to Unclutterer.

62. Create an easy-to-maintain yard.

63. Carry less stuff.

64. Simplify your online life.

65. Strive to automate your income.

66. Simplify your budget.

67. Simplify your financial life.

68. Learn to pack light.

69. Use a minimalist productivity system.

70. Leave space around things in your day.

71. Live closer to work.

72. Always ask: Will this simplify my life?


Blog Post: http://zenhabits.net/simple-living-manifesto-72-ideas-to-simplify-your-life/

Website: http://zenhabits.net

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Geoff’s Manifesto for 1000 Manifestos

Geoff McDonald Founder of 1000 manifestos

Creator: Geoff McDonald, founder of Manifesto Project

Purpose: I’ve been asked lots, ‘What prompted you to create the Manifesto Project and the game of creating 1000 manifestos?’ Here’s my answer… I wanted a project that embodied the following ideals…

1000 Manifestos

Declare boldly : Play a big game, a community game that inspires me, stretches me and challenges me

Build Identity : build a strong brand and unique positioning, claim some territory

Go public : make it a social game, not a private one, make myself accountable for my word/declaration

Spread the word : something that would be so exciting people would talk about it, share it, want to be involved

Start a Movement : be the source of something, something that causes change and motivates people

Inspire Community : involve others, invite them to play together, to share a common bond and build something as a group

Publish often : a topic with depth, nuance and style, that belongs in different formats and naturally allows for stories to be created and shared

Present powerfully : a topic that inspires people from all walks of life, that I’m passionate about and proud to talk about

Build ideas : plant seeds that can grow big, build an immortal idea, one that lives for ever

Create something : build something tangible that I can point to rather than just talking about stuff.

Live it everyday : not an abstract idea, a tangible idea with substance that inspires me to get out of bed every day

Ngahihi O Te Ra Bidois

Ngahihi - The Face of New Zealand

Creator: Professional Speaker Ngahihi O Te Ra Bidois, wearing his manifesto on his face – a Ta Moko or traditional facial decoration of the New Zealand Maori.

Purpose: A public declaration of his dedication to his identity as an indigenous Maori of New Zealand.


Ngahihi Facial Manifesto


Website: http://ngahibidois.com/

Ta Moko: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C4%81_moko

Allison Nazarian, Love Your Mess

Creator: Allison Nazarian, writer, ghostwriter, copywriter and mum.

Purpose: Because life is messy! And there’s power in honesty, in being real, in being open and in having some fun in the process.

Love Your Mess Manifesto

Love Your Mess Manifesto


Website: http://allisonnazarian.com/love-your-mess-the-book/

Interview with Allison about creating her manifesto: http://geoffmcdonald.com/allison-nazarian-love-your-mess/

Easy Rider

Creator: A 1969 movie written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern.

Purpose: Presents an alternate or counterculture view of life in the US in the 1960s including bikers, drugs, communes and the hippie lifestyles. It’s goal: a life of freedom.



General: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easy_Rider

Video (original trailer): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjlxqANj68U

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Dead Poet’s Society

Creator: Movie made in 1989 starring Robin Williams and directed by Peter Weir. Scriptwriter Tom Schulman won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Purpose: Challenge conformity and make the most of your opportunities and your life.


Carpe diem.

Seize the day, boys.

Make your lives extraordinary.



General: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Poets_Society

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQtmGcdSDAI

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