The Yoga Liberation Yoga Manifesto

Yoga Manifesto

Creator: Yoga Dawg

Purpose: Liberate Yoga!

Yoga Manifesto

Yoga is not the privilege of the young, the flexible, the rich, the famous, the beautiful.

Yoga is not a business! It is not a hobby!

Yoga is cheap and available to everyone. It is renewable, biodegradable, energy efficient, smoke free and clean.

It is NOT found in any yoga style. It does not belong to famous yoga stars!

Yoga is like food! In that is it pre-digested, fat free, sugar free and free range.

Yoga is not an escape, a destination, a means to an end or a dead end.

It is not found in ancient yoga texts or modern yoga pop magazines or yoga blogs!

Yoga is color in a black and white world.

Yoga cannot be televised, pre-recorded, idolised, steam cleaned, streamed, ripped, burned, scanned or found in a chat room.

Yoga is like the air. It is light and breezy: non-polluted and pollen free.

Yoga sings the body electric and shouts hallelujah.


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