Geoff’s Manifesto for 1000 Manifestos

Geoff McDonald Founder of 1000 manifestos

Creator: Geoff McDonald, founder of Manifesto Project

Purpose: I’ve been asked lots, ‘What prompted you to create the Manifesto Project and the game of creating 1000 manifestos?’ Here’s my answer… I wanted a project that embodied the following ideals…

1000 Manifestos

Declare boldly : Play a big game, a community game that inspires me, stretches me and challenges me

Build Identity : build a strong brand and unique positioning, claim some territory

Go public : make it a social game, not a private one, make myself accountable for my word/declaration

Spread the word : something that would be so exciting people would talk about it, share it, want to be involved

Start a Movement : be the source of something, something that causes change and motivates people

Inspire Community : involve others, invite them to play together, to share a common bond and build something as a group

Publish often : a topic with depth, nuance and style, that belongs in different formats and naturally allows for stories to be created and shared

Present powerfully : a topic that inspires people from all walks of life, that I’m passionate about and proud to talk about

Build ideas : plant seeds that can grow big, build an immortal idea, one that lives for ever

Create something : build something tangible that I can point to rather than just talking about stuff.

Live it everyday : not an abstract idea, a tangible idea with substance that inspires me to get out of bed every day

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