Shawna Malvini Redden, Wedding Manifesto

Wedding Manifesto

Creator: Shawna Malvini Redden, Wedding Manifesto, aka the guide to anti-bridezilla-ness

Purpose: Create a reference for planning and designing the ideal wedding.

Shawna’s Wedding Manifesto

1. It is “our” wedding. Not “my” wedding (Shawna) or “your” wedding (Tim).

2. The purpose of our wedding is to celebrate our relationship with family and friends, and to kick off our new life together. It is NOT:

  • To spend a ton of money on ONE day or many trivial details.
  • To impress people.
  • To make anyone else’s dreams come true.

3. The most important parts of our wedding should be:

  • Celebrating our relationship and commitment to each other in front of God and everyone!
  • Making memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Having a damn fun time doing i. and ii.

4. The things I care most about in terms of the actual wedding are:

  • A meaningful location that doesn’t cost a lot
  • Having the people I care about there
  • EXCELLENT photogs
  • Damn good food
  • Everyone having a good time

5. The things I care about less include:

  • A freaking expensive dress
  • Music
  • A full dinner that would preclude inviting everyone I love and care about
  • Decorations, etc.
  • Cake

6. We will NOT:

  • Overextend ourselves financially to pay for the wedding
  • Compromise our relationship or our values to satisfy the desires of others
  • Let family strife, if any, interfere with our big day

7. I will NOT:

  • Talk about weddings non-stop until T’s head pops off
  • Get so stressed out that our relationship is adversely affected

8. We will:

  • Feel special (Shawna)
  • Feel proud (T)

9. Things I do not want to see at the wedding (a slight bridezilla deviation):

  • Tulle
  • Any form of bunting
  • Fake flowers


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