Velocity Partners: B2B Marketing Manifesto

Velocity Partners: B2B Marketing Manifesto

Creator: Velocity Partners is a consulting-led B2B marketing agency based in Richmond, Surrey (UK).

Purpose: “…the traditional rules of B2B Marketing have been erased and rewritten. Your potential buyers don’t buy the way they used to. Your sales people don’t (and can’t) sell the way they used to – and your competitors don’t compete the way they used to. That’s assuming, of course that you can recognise your competitors, because your prospects have never had more options.

B2B Marketing Manifesto

Velocity Partners identify 6 key staples of B2B Marketing – and make a compelling case for every one of them.

1. Content Marketing: converting your insight into campaigns that change people’s minds

2. Analytics: measuring everything that moves in your marketing (and the stuff that doesn’t)

3. A/B Testing: backing your hunches with real-life data – and responding accordingly

4. Lead Nurturing: cultivating your prospects until they are ready to take the next step in their buying journey with you

5. Search: getting found using the terms your prospects use when they go looking for answers

6. Community: hanging out (and contributing) in the places where your prospects go for trusted advice



Complete Article by Bob Apollo on – 20 September 2011

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