The Vogma Manifesto

The Vogma Manifesto

Creator: Adrian Miles, RMIT, Melbourne.

Purpose: The principles for creating a Vog. A Vog is a video blog (web diary) that explores the relation of the word to the moving image with an emphasis on radical notions of interactivity.

Note: A Vog is more commonly known as a Vlog today.

the vogma manifesto

[ in no particular order ]

1. a vog respects bandwidth

2. a vog is not streaming video (this is not the reinvention of television)

3. a vog uses performative video and/or audio

4. a vog is personal

5. a vog uses available technology

6. a vog experiments with writerly video and audio

7. a vog lies between writing and the televisual

8. a vog explores the proximate distance of words and moving media

9. a vog is dziga vertov with a mac and a modem

10. a vog is a video blog where video in a blog must be more than video in a blog

Note: Principles 1-9 were written 6-12-2000, Principle 10 was added 2-2-2003.



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