The Euston Manifesto

The Euston Manifesto Launch

Creator: Norman Geras, Damian Counsell, Alan Johnson, Shalom Lappin and 2844 others in 2006.

Purpose: “For a Renewal of Progressive Politics.”

The Euston Manifesto

The Manifesto consists of four sections:

1. Preamble

2. Statement of Principles

3. Elaborations

4. Conclusion

The following are the headings in the Statement of Principles Section:

1. For democracy

2. No apology for tyranny

3. Human rights for all

4. Equality

5. Development for freedom

6. Opposing anti-Americanism

7. For a two-state solution

8. Against racism

9. United against terror

10. A new internationalism

11. A critical openness

12. Historical truth

13. Freedom of ideas

14. Open source

15. A precious heritage


Complete Manifesto:


Photo: The launch of the Euston Manifesto

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