Suzanne Mercier – Purpose to Profit


Suzanne Mercier is a Sydney-based coach, author and speaker. She works with business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them recognise and develop their potential. She is considered to be Australia’s expert on identifying and moving beyond limiting mindsets including the Imposter Syndrome … a key barrier to performance.

Disclaimer: I helped Suzanne create this manifesto as part of my coaching services.


Suzanne offers a Purposeful Coaching Program and her manifesto highlights the importance and key principles of purpose for all people in business.


Purpose is everything!

Purpose gets us out of bed in the morning.
Purpose allows us to find meaning even in the face of life’s challenges.
Purpose helps us live longer and happier lives.
Purpose is about making a difference and leaving a legacy.

Purpose is NOT a bandaid

Purpose is not something you add into the mix.
Purpose is an organising principle – the central tenet of your business upon which all other business goals and levers are based.

Purpose is the only path to sustainable business success

Profit is necessary for sustainability. But profit isn’t the reason we’re in business.  We need to breathe to stay alive. But we don’t exist to breathe.
Focus on profit leads to short-term decisions with longer term consequences.
Purpose emotionally engages stakeholders at a deeper level, inspiring them to make their own unique contribution.
Purpose reframes barriers as challenges, not stop signs.

Purpose multiplies Profit

It provides authenticity, clarity, focus and a filter for business decisions.
Purpose delivers the highest influence on employee engagement, increasing bottom line.
Purpose is the key principle to align all goals and inspired actions within the business, maximising impact and profit.

Purpose is certain in an uncertain world

Purpose is a fundamental truth for your business.
It is the foundation NOT a bandaid slapped over existing elements of your business model.
Purpose holds true in dynamic business environments, although its expression and delivery may change.
Purpose provides the foundation for both evaluation and recalibration in the face of significant change.

Purpose inspires your brand

Purpose is an expression of the service you are dedicated to providing to others including clients.
The best brand positioning provides a strong emotional connection.
Finding your Purpose naturally guides development of your value proposition.



The six points of this manifesto present a clear and simple statement of why purpose in business is important.

This is a crucial point for business people presenting their ideas to the marketplace: you need to make it really clear why your clients need what you offer.

And I don’t mean: sell, sell, sell. Instead, through your manifesto you can educate your audience about what they might need in their business. In this case, Suzanne believes every business needs purpose.

The six statements claim this space well.

The first is strong, clear and definitive: purpose is everything. In other words, without purpose you have nothing. That’s bold.

Also, I like that they are a mixture of statements.

Sure, they all start with the word ‘purpose’ – this gives a consistent rhythm to the message. Most are only 3-5 words in length – short, sharp declarations.

There is also a ‘not’ statement here: ‘Purpose is NOT a bandaid’. When you’re dealing with something that everyone knows something about (eg purpose), you need to be strong and clear about what you believe it is and what you believe it is not.

This is part of claiming your territory and leading people through you view of the world.


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Easy Jet Customer Charter


Easy Jet is a low-cost British based airline with headquarters in London. It operates domestic and international services on over 1000 routes in more than 30 countries.


Orange Spirit

Our mission has always been to make travel easy and affordable for all. When we started out over 20 years ago we challenged the status quo with the introduction of low fares. We didn’t accept the industry norms and we set about doing things differently. This ambition continues to drive us today.

But it’s not just about what we do, it’s how we do it and why we do it that shapes us as a business.

At its simplest we’re here to connect people across Europe. These days we’re not alone in doing that but we believe that by doing things in the right way and staying true to our values is good for our customers, our staff and our communities. In a nutshell we call it our Orange Spirit.

The Orange Spirit then shares charters under the following headings:

  1. Change for good
  2. Environment
  3. Diversity
  4. Innovation
  5. Accessibility
  6. Our Promise (their customer charter is shared below)
Easy Jet Customer Charter


Customer Charter

Our promise to you

Our five priorities keep us focused but the key is to make sure we deliver all this from the heart, with passion, ensuring our orange spirit shines through in everything we do.

Safety first – we never compromise – Your safety and security is our number one priority

On your side – we see it from your point of view – We don’t assume that we know best and we make decisions with you in mind

A big smile – friendly service is our passion – You can expect a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service from all our staff

Make it easy – at every step – We’ll make sure you know what to expect at every step of your journey

Open and upfront – we will always be straight with you – We’ll always be truthful and will keep you informed at all times



There are two manifestos on this page. The first is the purpose or mission statement and the second is the customer charter. There is also a link to the company values.

Together they show what is required to deliver purpose throughout a large organisation (with over 10,000 employees) is to provide layers of manifesto in different forms. One single manifesto may not be enough.

The challenge therefore is to keep them simple and consistent. Ideally, you want your people to be able to recite them in some way – at least in intent, if not in precise detail.

The Customer Charter is an important manifesto type for customer service across any organisation.

This one is neat and short – five principles – and in simple everyday language. Each principle is then layered. For example:

Safety first = this is a clear priority

We never compromise = this is a boundary rule – in a difficult situation, this one statement tells you what is required.

Your safety and security is our number one priority – this expands on the first statement – it’s ‘your’ safety, plus ‘your’ security’ that is important.

Could you remember this to act in a crisis? I think so.

There is also an overarching guiding principle here: the orange spirit. It is important to name your charters and principles so that people can refer specifically to them.

In this case, ‘orange spirit’ is a rallying cry for how we want our people to act – in alignment with our company values AND with ‘spirit’.


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