Luanne Tierney – Present Yourself for the Future


Luanne Tierney, Growth & Partner Marketing, Board Director, Outdoor Enthusiast- Helping our next generation


12 strategies to build your personal career

Luanne Tierney - Package Yourself for the Future


Package Yourself For The Future: 12 Strategies

  1. Develop your brand
  2. Be a great communicator
  3. Look and act confidently
  4. Be physically active every day!
  5. Write down your life goals and look at them daily
  6. Be determined
  7. Negotiate Fearlessly
  8. Failure is an event, not a person
  9. Get outside your comfort zone
  10. Volunteer
  11. Know when to focus and when to multi-task
  12. Believe in yourself



I always find it interesting when I’m looking for manifestos, where I actually find them as compared to their source.

In many cases, it’s as simple as ‘google’ the author or creator and find their website.

In this case Luanne Tierney doesn’t have a website. That might be part of a deliberate strategy or it might suggest she was looking for employment at the time she wrote and published her manifesto.

That’s a clever strategy that’s supported by the fact that I found her manifesto and her profile in a number of places, including: Slideshare, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This fits with the current phase of Internet use that focuses on social media and apps rather than standalone websites.

It’s also a great way to share your manifesto as a visual image that is easily shared.


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