Emily McDowell – Let’s Get Real


Emily McDowell is a writer and illustrator.

She is the name behind Emily McDowell and Friends – a community or artists and writers.


The Let’s Get Real manifesto is their pledge and commitment to be a better-than-average human. It speaks to their essence and the things they care about.

Emily McDowell's Lets Get Real Manifesto


Let’s get real.

Let’s make friend with our imperfections, because they’re the side effects of being human, and there’s medicine in “Me, too.”

Let’s laugh at ourselves: It sure beats the hell out of the alternative.

Let’s agree that normal isn’t a thing, and unlovable isn’t either.

Let’s not be dicks. There are already enough dicks.

Let’s reframe our mistakes as lessons and start kicking ass at learning.

And let’s use honesty and humour and heart to leave this place a little better than we found it.



At the end of the day, if it’s your manifesto you can write whatever pleases you.

But, if you want other people to resonate with what you have written it must have a congruency. In other words, your message needs to be consistent with the way you say it.

That’s the strength of Emily McDowell’s Let’s Get Real manifesto – it’s real.

Compare her language with the Customer Centricity Manifesto. Both fit their intended audience. One is academic intended for corporates. The other is open-hearted and intended to open hearts – it uses real everyday, heartfelt words.

Also, it employs a simple structure that makes it easy to create and read. There are seven lines and each one starts off with the simple word: Let’s.

This call to action is gentle and inclusive… again consistent with it’s message.

And the handwritten font used in the visual, completes the real picture.


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