Barbara Hannah Grufferman: The Ten Commandments of Turning 50

The Ten Commandments of Turning 50

Creator: Barbara Hannah Grufferman, writer and speaker on women’s issues, and author of “The Best of Everything After 50”.

Purpose: Share the lessons learnt at 50 that one wishes they knew in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. Don’t wait until your 50 to learn this!

The Ten Commandments Of Turning 50: A Manifesto For All Ages (edited)

Don’t Stop Networking

Whether you choose to stay home to raise children some day or work straight through, you should never stop networking, and building on that network. It’s much better to have choices and options, than not.

Do Create a Personal “Board of Directors”

…Having a trusted group with whom you can review life’s challenges, is essential. Invite several friends (or even just one) who will encourage, inspire and guide you.

Don’t Smoke

Lung cancer is the #1 leading cause of cancer death for women, but it is avoidable. The #1 cause? Smoking, which is also associated with many other illnesses.

Do Wear Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen every single day of the year, including on your neck, chest and hands.

Don’t Have Risky Sex

Unsafe sex = higher risk for pregnancies and STDs, some of which are life long. Don’t think because you are young, you are immune and invincible. You are not.

Do Move Your Body Every Day

Get yourself into the habit of working out, and don’t let excuses (even really good ones) get in the way of giving yourself this daily gift. Make fitness a lifelong commitment.

Don’t Ignore Your Young Bones

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that we associate with aging, and rightly so. But, it takes time to get there. …My doctor told me that every woman should start — and maintain — strength-training exercises in her early 20s, and make them part of her life forever.

Do Save More and Spend Less

Retirement is, presumably, years away, but it’s never too early to plan for it. The more money you have when you reach 50, the less stress and anxiety you will have.

Don’t Be Apathetic

We’re all busy with family, work, friends… but that’s no excuse to stop thinking about causes that are important to us and to the world. …Get involved, stay involved. Be the change.

Do Embrace Your Age

Don’t fight aging. Embrace it. …Live fully engaged with each year of your life, embracing the future ones with joy.

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Complete Article and Manifesto on the HuffPost Women – posted 21 July 2011

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