Michael Margolis: Believe Me Story Manifesto

Michael Margolis: Believe Me Story Manifesto

Creator: Michael Margolis, Believe Me: Why your vision, brand and leadership need a bigger story.

Purpose: To introduce a series of concepts for how to get others to believe in your story. In other words to create innovations and make change happen.

Believe Me Story Manifesto

1 Meaning

People don’t really buy a product, a solution, or idea, they buy the story that’s attached to it.

2 Perception

A brand is far more than just a name, a logo, or a tagline; it’s the stories that people tell about you.

3 Relationship

Every story exists in relationship to everything else around it.

4 Memory

We all want to look back at the story of our lives, and know that it made sense.

5 Choices

The stories we tell literally make our world.

6 Disbelief

The power of your story grows exponentially as more and more people accept your story as their truth.

7 Culture

If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change a culture, change the stories.

8 Leadership

Leaders lead by telling stories that give others permission to lead, not follow.

9 Convergence

Storytelling is our most basic technology, evolved through twenty-first-century innovation.

10 Epic

We all seek to experience our life in the most heroic of terms.

11 Change

Nobody likes a change story, especially a change story we have no control over. What people really need is a continuity story.

12 Identity

Our fate as a species is contained in the story. Both tyranny and freedom are constructed through well-supported narratives.

13 Freedom

Storytelling empowers, because it escapes the need to claim absolute truth.

14 Evolution

Reinvention is the new storyline.

15 Prophesy

Storytelling is like fortune-telling. The act of choosing a certain story determines the probability of future outcomes.


Download the book: www.BelieveMeTheBook.com

Author’s Blog and more: www.GetStoried.com

Thanks to Mark Jones for pointing out this manifesto!


The Christian and Judaism Bible

Holy Bible - Christianity and Judaism

Creator: The work of many people over many centuries.
Purpose: The Bible contains a collection of stories and lessons for living for followers of Judaism or Christianity.


The Bible

The Bible is a collection of sacred scripture of the various branches of Judaism and Christianity. The following are various stories or lessons that are commonly included in a range of Bible versions.

  • Genesis: The Creation of the World
  • Noah Ark and the Flood
  • The Birth of Jesus
  • The Tower of Babel
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Battle of Jericho
  • Samson and Delilah
  • David and Goliath
  • Jesus Walks on Water
  • The Bread and the Fish
  • The Last Supper
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


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