Greg Strosaker: The Running Manifesto

Greg Strosaker: Running Manifesto

Creator: Greg Strosaker blogs at Predawn Runner. He’s a husband to a paediatrician, father to three boys, product management professional and an age-group competitive marathon runner in Cleveland, Ohio. He runs predawn to fit it into his full life.

Purpose: For those who have a full life and want to make your running a bigger part of it, without having to sacrifice the other things that matter to you.

The Running Manifesto

Every run has a purpose. There is no room for zombie shuffles.

Banish the snooze button. You’ll appreciate the advice in two hours.

Busy streets are not busy at 4:30AM. Get at it.

Fear and frustration lead to the dark side. Embrace it. The dark side is good for runners.

If you are thinking about your pace, increase it. There is plenty of time when you are not thinking about your pace.

Uphills separate the contenders from the pretenders. You’re going to be tired anyway, why not push it.

Downhills are for dreaming. But you better make it quick.

Cross-training is like Chinese food. I’m hungry again in an hour.

I do speed work on Monday. It’s now the best day of the week.

Negative splits are nirvana, but going out too fast teaches you how fast you can go.  Sacrifice to learn.

Some days, all directions will be uphill and into the wind. Deal with it.

Snow and ice are an opportunity to practice precise footing. They are not an excuse.

Rest days are luxuries. I hate luxury.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I ran the one less traveled by, then I ran the other one. And that has made all the difference. (with apologies to Robert Frost)



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Image: Greg in action, borrowed from his website.