I Fix It Repair Manifesto


iFixit is a wiki-based site that teaches people how to fix almost anything – it was started by Luke and Kyle in a collage dorm room.


The purpose of the I Fix It Repair Manifesto is to empower individuals to share their technical knowledge with the rest of the world.

What started out as a personal question to fix things and going through the experience of doing it blindly with no instructions, Luke and Kyle decided to create and share manuals for fixing just about anything.

I Fix It Repair Manifesto


We hold these truths to be self-evident

If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it

Repair is better than recycling – Making our things last longer is both more efficient and more cost-effective than mining them for raw materials

Repair saves you money – Fixing things is often free, and usually cheaper than replacing them. Doing the repair yourself saves you money.

Repair teaches engineering – The best way to find out how something works is to take it apart.

Repair saves the planet – Earth has limited resources. Eventually we will run out. The best way to be efficient is to reuse what we already have.

  • Repair connects people and things
  • Repair is war on entropy
  • Repair is sustainable

We have the right:

  • To devices that can be opened
  • To repair documentation for everything
  • To repair things in the privacy of our own homes
  • To error codes and wiring diagrams
  • To choose our own repair technician
  • To remove ‘do not remove’ stickers
  • To replace any and all consumables ourselves
  • To non-proprietary fasteners
  • To troubleshooting instructions and flowcharts
  • To available, reasonably-priced service parts

Because repair

  • Is independence
  • Saves money and resources
  • Requires creativity
  • Makes consumers into contributors
  • Inspires pride in ownership





This is the second Repair Manifesto on this site.

There are no rules that say you can’t have a manifesto on the same topic as someone else. However, there is a risk of confusion if you don’t clearly articulate your manifesto from the other one(s).

In this case, both manifestos are titled ‘Repair Manifesto’. While one was clearly created before the other, one of these will also be more popular than the other. That’s the risk you take.

I believe a better way forward to create a subset of the original one. For instance being clear that you are declaring ‘The Platform 21 Repair Manifesto’ or the ‘I Fix It Repair Manifesto’.

Also, I was attracted to the I Fix It Repair Manifesto because of it’s eye-catching visual.

While most words, I do love the clenched fist holding the wrench. It’s a neat update on the use of a fist eg Black Power salute as a display of strength.

Also, a visual like this makes it easy to be shared – as either an image and as a pdf – which is crucial if you want your movement to grow.


Platform 21 Repair Manifesto

Platform 21: The Repair Manifesto

Platform 21's Repair Manifesto

Creator: Platform 21
Purpose: Stop recycling and start repairing. It’s better for the environment and resource use.


1. Make your products live longer!

Repairing means taking the opportunity to give your product a second life. Don’t ditch it, stitch it! Don’t end it, mend it! Repairing is not anti-consumption. It is anti- needlessly throwing things away.

2. Things should be designed so that they can be repaired.

Product designers: Make your products repairable. Share clear, understandable information about DIY repairs. Consumers: Buy things you know can be repaired, or else find out why they don’t exist. Be critical and inquisitive.

3. Repair is not replacement.

Replacement is throwing away the broken bit. This is NOT the kind of repair that we’re talking about.

4. What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.

Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul and its
inherent beauty.

5. Repairing is a creative challenge.

Making repairs is good for the imagination. Using new techniques, tools and materials ushers in possibility rather than dead ends.

6. Repair survives fashion.

Repair is not about styling or trends. There are no due-dates for repairable items.

7. To repair is to discover.

As you fix objects, you’ll learn amazing things about how they actually work. Or don’t work.

8. Repair – even in good times!

If you think this manifesto has to do with the recession, forget it. This isn’t about money, it’s about a mentality.

9. Repaired things are unique.

Even fakes become originals when you repair them.

10. Repairing is about independence.

Don’t be a slave to technology – be its master. If it’s broken, fix it and make it better. And if you’re a master, empower others.

11. You can repair anything, even a plastic bag.

But we’d recommend getting a bag that will last longer, and then repairing it if necessary.

Stop Recycling. Start Repairing.


Source : http://www.platform21.nl/page/4315/en

The Repair Manifesto lands in Melbourne (July 2011)


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