Quigley and Baghaic: As One Manifesto

Quigley and Baghaic: The 'As One' Manifesto

Creator: James Quigley is CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, and Mehrdad Baghai is Managing Director of Alchemy Growth Partners.

Purpose: A manifesto for transforming individual action into collective power and “…help you realise the full power of your people.” As One is the Deloitte organisations global initiative on collective leadership.

The As One Manifesto (summary)

Adding the phrase “as one” to another word changes its entire meaning. Imagine the possibilities… The sources of inspiration are endless. Believing As One. Stronger As One. Succeeding As One.


Leadership = People + Purpose + Productivity


Three Key Elements to Collective Leadership

1 Shared Identity as part of the larger organisation

2 Direction Intensity to impel people to contribute

3 Common Interpretation to foster cooperation


Eight Leadership Styles – because not all people are the same

1 Landlord <> Tenant

2 Community Organiser <> Volunteers

3 Conductor <> Orchestra

4 Producer <> Creative Team

5 General <> Soldiers

6 Architect <> Builders

7 Captain <> Sports Team

8 Senator <> Citizens


The timeless challenge of leadership is that you cannot get large groups of people to behave As One if they do not identify with each other as a unified group or team.


Applying the As One Approach

1 Diagnostic

2 Interventions

3 Adoptions



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Emilie Wapnick: UnDeclared For Life Manifesto

Emilie Wapnick: Undeclared for life Manifesto

Creator: Emilie Wapnick, blogger and multi-potentiate at puttylike.com

Purpose: A starting point for people who have many grand dreams, but don’t quite know how to structure their lives in a way that incorporates all of them.

The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto

The Manifesto consists of these six parts:

Introduction: Finding My Place

One: Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?

Two: Defining Your Dreams

Three: Financing Your Dreams

Four: The Skills Your Need to Live a Life that Integrates Your Many Interests

Closing: Some Parting Words for Your Journey.



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