Sebastian Terry – 100 Things

Sebastian Terry, author of 100 ThingsCreator

Sebastian Terry is the author of: 100 Things: What’s on your list?


Sebastian wrote his bucket list after he asked himself this question: “If I knew I was going to die, would I change anything?”

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Sebastian Terry 100 Things Manifesto

  1. Running with Bulls
  2. Marry a Stranger in Vegas
  3. Bet $1000 on Black (Roulette)
  4. Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality
  5. Save a Life
  6. Complete a Triathlon
  7. Feature in a Bollywood Movie
  8. Olympic Ski Jump
  9. Be in a Dance Video Clip
  10. Chase a Tornado
  11. Whale Shark Swim
  12. Visit a Death Row Inmate
  13. Be in a Medical Trial
  14. Burning Man Festival
  15. Stand Up Comedy Routine
  16. Street Performance
  17. Surf Safari
  18. Hit a Hole in One
  19. Guinness World Record
  20. Say Yes to Everything for One Week
  21. Speed Dating
  22. Participate in a Boxing Match
  23. Deliver a Baby
  24. Publish an Article
  25. Catch a Thief
  26. Help a Stranger
  27. Minister a Wedding
  28. Visit a Fortune Teller
  29. One Week’s Silence
  30. Join a Protest
  31. Build Something
  32. Learn Salsa
  33. Be a Contestant on a TV Game Show
  34. Kiss a Celebrity
  35. Find My Family Tree
  36. Walk Across a Country
  37. Be a Horse Jockey
  38. Be in a Hollywood Movie
  39. Read the National TV Weather Report
  40. Sail the Seas
  41. Buy a Stranger Lunch
  42. Cycle through Cuba
  43. Work at an Orphanage
  44. Represent a Country at Something
  45. Sumo Wrestling
  46. Learn French
  47. Go to Timbuktu
  48. Act in a Play
  49. Be a Weaponless and Harmless Matador
  50. Throw a Party
  51. Endurance Tandem Bike Ride
  52. Sports Streak
  53. Ice Fishing
  54. Scooter Across Australia
  55. Own a Company
  56. Tantric Lesson
  57. Cross a Desert
  58. Skydive Naked
  59. Attend and Extreme Religious Ceremony
  60. Throw a Dart at a Map and Visit the Country it Lands On
  61. Ultimate Prank
  62. Live on the Streets
  63. Get a Tattoo
  64. Challenge a World Champion
  65. Dad’s Dream Car
  66. Treacherous Trek
  67. Live on a Desert Island for One Week
  68. Invent Something
  69. Muster Cattle
  70. Meet Another ‘Sebastian Terry’
  71. Naked Rugby
  72. Stay Awake for Seventy Two Hours
  73. Get Shot
  74. Crazy Bid
  75. Pose Nude
  76. Surf River Wave
  77. Be a Team Mascot for a Day
  78. Perform an Original Song
  79. Live with a Tribe for One Week
  80. Have Something Named After Me
  81. Make a Beefeater Laugh
  82. Hitchhike Across America
  83. Foreign Aid
  84. Face a Shane Warne Over
  85. Go on an Adventure
  86. Marathon (Iron Man)
  87. Meditation
  88. Grow a Beard
  89. Playboy Mansion
  90. Land Diving
  91. Plant a Tree
  92. Haunted House
  93. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  94. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  95. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  96. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  97. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  98. Crash a Red Carpet
  99. For Auction on behalf of Camp Quality
  100. Publish a Book



This is a classic List Manifesto or Bucket List.

I like the way Sebastian Terry knew he wanted 100 things (that’s a good round number) and then he left a few spots blank to fill in later. This is a great way to plan that allows for flexibility.


The Sebastian Terry book is a great read – a swashbuckling adventure. I blogged about it here. 

Compare this to Dave Bruno’s 100 Things – a very different approach to creating a manifesto.