Jo Beth Richards: Mantras and Manifestos

Jo Beth Richards Mantras and Manifestos

Creator: Jo Beth Richards is a yoga teacher and blogger at

Purpose: Enough anger exists in the world, choose to spread goodness.

Mantras & Manifestos

Enough anger exists in the world, choose to spread goodness

Live in Light

Spread Peace

Give Love

Pray Often

Live with passion

Never hold back


Expand your heart

Today is your day

You are all that is beautiful in this world

Give back, of your time & yourself

Give thanks, always

Love with abandon

Radiate your joy

See the beauty in everyday

Be the beauty in everyday

Shine your soul

Release the need to worry

Give into your greatness

Love yourself

Embrace change

Accept the love you are given

Share your unique Spirit


Speak freely & with compassion


Have faith

Spread kindness


Embrace one or all of these, & expand your greatness into the Universe!

Much love, joy & hope,

Jo Beth



Blog Post from Jo Beth’s Website: 25 August 2011

Image from Jo Beth’s Website


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