Chris Curnow: The Excellence Manifesto

Chris Curnow: The Excellence Manifesto

Creator: Chris Curnow, The Excellence Project

Purpose: A manifesto to capture our infinite capacity both individually and collectively. And, as the source of the Excellence Project to promote excellence.

The Excellence Manifesto

Excellence creates the future

Excellence is infinitely better than good

Excellence sees with fresh eyes

Excellence is courageous

Excellence is a worthy pursuit

Excellence is accountable

Excellence is self organising

Excellence is immeasurable

Excellence goes fast slowly



3 thoughts on “Chris Curnow: The Excellence Manifesto”

  1. Excellence is all of that and for me it is about becoming as close to your fullest potential as you dare to let yourself! We are a Self as Human Being, a Self that relates to others and we navigate the material world using our Self through a profession or vocation. How often though is there congruency between each? If we but reflect – take that helicopter ride perspective, we may just get glimpses of where we need to tweak the journeys in the natural pursuit of excellence! Yes it is a natural urge beyond just the rational and emotional.

    1. Great comment Joseph.

      So often we get caught up in the daily grind and just accept things as they are.

      My project is about encouraging people to break out of that and reach for the stars.



  2. Love the take both Joseph and Chris are saying: Excellence is about being the best we can be. And it’s not about the two extremes of accepting things as they are are or perfection.

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