Asia Pulp and Paper Group: Paper Contract With China

Asia Pulp and Paper Group

Creator: Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), one of the world’s largest pulp and paper producers.

Purpose: Building upon the first Paper Contract in 2008, this upgraded version provides further details on APP-China’s commitment to sustainable practices and future objectives, and calls on all industry players to collaborate to pursue growth in a more sustainable manner.


• To continuously seek and improve sustainable forestry and conservation protection practices in the areas where we operate.

• To contribute to the fight against global warming by implementing measures to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and improve our production capabilities whilst engaging employees to support the company’s environmental initiatives.

• To continue APP-China’s commitment to community empowerment by promoting economic growth, creating job opportunities, investing in infrastructure in rural areas, and building schools where we operate.

• To promote the sharing platform with related stakeholders, including the government, industry associations, academia, NGO, media and other pulp & paper enterprises.



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