Andrew Hanelly: Just Another SEO Manifesto

Andrew Hanelly: SEO Manifesto

Creator: Andrew Hanelly is Director of Digital Strategy for TMG and for one semester in college, was a sociology major.

Purpose: To clarify what makes good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Just Another SEO Manifesto

If I had only one thing to say about search engine optimization, it’d be this: don’t chase the search engines, instead chase what the search engines are chasing.

…Content should be used to build relationships – not simply drive traffic volume – and ultimately develop an audience that trusts and values your brand or organization.

…The rise of the search engine and subsequent rise of social media has birthed snake-oil salesmen and silver-tongued, self-proclaimed gurus who set up shop to squeeze a quick dollar out of your organization. Their focus all too often is on how to use tricks (with both black and grey hats) to get your message in front of as many eyeballs – qualified or not – that they can fit on a slick measurement report.

But what they fail to measure is the disappointment, the dissatisfaction and ultimately the sour taste their potion leaves in the mouths of what could have been your audience.

Because they don’t focus on quality content.

They don’t focus on what your audience truly desires. They don’t answer questions your audience is readily asking. They simply apply a formula, manipulate the rules while they can, and disappear when the algorithm or social tide changes (or worse, offer an up-sell to the latest and greatest scam).

Without a focus on quality content, all SEO efforts are rendered useless.

…Strive to create compelling content. Listen to your audience, and let their voices inform your recommendations. Employ the best editorial minds (and standards) to generate truly powerful content. Do it regardless of the popular platform of the day…



Complete Manifesto on the Engage Blog, 9 September 2011.



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