Andrew Castronovo: The Superfood Manifesto

Andrew Castronovo: The Superfood Manifesto

Creator: Andrew Castronovo, editor of Blast Recipes for

Purpose: Some rules to live by that make things simpler than counting the amount of each vitamin you consume on a daily basis.

The Superfood Manifesto

• If something is green and from nature, eat a lot of it.

• If something is brightly colored and from nature, eat a lot of that as well.

• If an animal is not active and looks fat when it is alive, don’t eat that much of it (to make it clearer; if an animal is involved in games where liquored up hicks push it over, don’t eat a lot of it).

• If an animal runs around and gets exercise while it is alive, you should probably eat a lot of it.

• If a nut is raw, it is very good for you. If a nut is salted, it is kind of good for you. If a nut is honey roasted, it is candy.

• Don’t eat a lot of candy.

• If after eating something you defecate liquid or don’t defecate at all, you probably shouldn’t eat it a lot and should definitely diversify your diet.

• Regarding bread or rice, the darker it is the better it is for you. The lighter the color, the worse it is for you. Eat a lot of the dark kind.

• While writing a piece about food, if you start to sound like Jeff Foxworthy, you are probably a hack.


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