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Create Your Manifesto
Grab these Manifesto Guides to help you create your manifesto to be inspired, attract your ideal clients and grow your business. 
The Manifesto Manifesto

Learn the nine principles that form all manifestos and answer the 38 basic questions. Which one will be the one that inspires your future?

18 Reasons
A manifesto? Why would you want one of them? In this guide we share 18 powerful reasons that create one to inspire yourself, inspire others and to grow your business. 
The Expert Manifesto

Discover the Seven Ideals of the Expert and how you can use each one to stand out as a leader in your industry. Learn from one of the best selling business books of all time how to leverage your expertise. Plus 11 examples to inspire you into action.

11 Ways

Creating your manifesto is simply the first step. This guide shows you 11 practical things to do next to share your manifesto and grow its influence.